Friday, 2 October 2009

Since she left us...

It's less than three days since the relics left Lancaster, but much has happened in that short time. While the main Lancaster Cathedral blog is posting lots of pictures of the visit to our Cathedral, on this blog we catch up with the continuing tour. The image above comes from Newcastle, where great crowds turned up to see the relics at St Andrew's church.

Then, on Thursday, there was a brief visit to Darlington Carmel, one of several Carmelite monasteries on the tour.

There was a military salute as the relics arrived in Darlington...

... and soldiers were recruited to carry the reliquary. It seems that a lot of ceremony was crammed into the short visit; appropriate enough, especially given that Thursday was the feast of St Thérèse.

Later that day the relics arrived at York Minster, the only non-Catholic church on the itinerary. This ecumenical gesture has attracted quite a lot of interest, especially in the secular media.

Once again large crowds turned out, and an all-night vigil was held. Earlier today the relics arrived at Middlesbrough Cathedral, under police escort, where they remain before travelling to Leeds Cathedral tomorrow. We'll try to keep you posted, but don't forget that there is much more on the official website for the visit, at