Monday, 30 March 2009

The Veneration of Relics

This picture, from the 2001 visit of Thérèse's relics to Ireland, shows people bringing flowers to the relics of the saint. It is a practice that accords with all our human instincts: think of how people often bring flowers to the grave of one they love. In a sense, the visit of the relics fulfils the same need: people will travel to visit Thérèse and show love and respect for her. Many people today (especially outside the Church) might view the veneration of relics as strange or outdated. In fact, it is a practice that has an unbroken history both in the Church and in secular society. Want to know more? You can download a new resource: "The veneration of relics: a practice for today" by clicking here (pdf) or click here to see it as a standard webpage.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Timetable for the Visit

We may not quite be able to match the grandeur of the stunning Basilica at Lisieux, but Lancaster Cathedral will for 43 hours become home to the relics of St Thérèse and everything will be done to ensure a wonderful event for all who come. In a sense, the Cathedral will become Thérèse's shrine for the period of the visit. The Cathedral will be open around the clock and throughout the time people will be able to pray, go to confession and venerate the relics. There will also be refreshments available at all times.

Today the Cathedral has launched a special website for the visit, giving full details of events before the visit and how you can get involved during the visit itself. Click here to take a look. The full timetable for the visit has also been published - click here for a pdf version or here to see it as a normal web page.

The Lancaster Visit Logo

This is a sight that will become much more familiar around the Diocese in the coming weeks. It's our logo for the visit of St Thérèse. The image was designed by the Diocesan MC, Fr Stewart Keeley, and will be used on our websites and on publicity and resources provided in the run-up to the visit.

Six months to go!

Let the countdown begin! It is now exactly six months until the relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux are due to arrive at Lancaster Cathedral. It promises to be one of the greatest events that the Cathedral has hosted in its 150-year history, and is sure to be a time of great grace for the Church and for many individuals. Over the next six months this blog will follow the preparations for the event. We will give news and practical information about the visit. Here you will be able to download resources for prayer and catechesis, using the links in the right hand column. At the bottom of the page there are links showing preparatory events around the Diocese, and giving details of where coach parties are coming from. This blog will also mark anniversaries associated with Thérèse, so that all of us can learn a little more about her life and message over the coming months. It promises to be an exciting time.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

200 days... and counting

Click here to see a post written 200 days before the visit, giving some details of preparations which are taking place.