Friday, 9 October 2009

From Walsingham to Oxford

On Wednesday the relics left Walsingham and travelled to Oxford; here they are seen being carried away from the shrine of Our Lady, passing the famous 'Slipper Chapel'.

Around 6200 people visited the relics in Oxford, during the overnight stay at the Oratory. During the visit there was a Mass celebrated in the extraordinary form. Across the different venues there have been all types of celebration and a huge variety of expressions of faith. It seems that the relics have been a great unifying force within the Church. Since Oxford there has been an overnight stop at Gerrard's Cross (Northampton Diocese), St Thérèse now moves on to Aylesford Priory, a Carmelite establishment near Maidstone (Archdiocese of Southwark). The tour is nearing its final days. You can read more, and find links to many more pictures, on the national blog at